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Av Kenneth M - 11 december 2018 13:03

Release Date: 5 Dec. 2018

  • Brand new CMS module, with fully customizable sections, entries and menus Section types supported:
    - single: when creating standard content pages (eg. about, terms, privacy pages)
    - multiple: ideal for creating news sections or blogs
    - tree: for creating tree like structures, ideal for creating linked sections (eg. help, documentation)
  • Classifieds module, which will allow users to list items or services with or without a price attached. Can be used on a wide variety of scenarios. The internal messaging module can be used for conversations between parties.
  • Brand new front end theme with admin customizable theme colors, as well header and footer layouts
  • Dashboard pages with various statistics for both the Admin Control Panel and the Members Area
  • New Admin Control Panel theme
    Home Page:
    - slider banner (slider on / off + speed)
    - items display boxes (home page featured, recent, popular, ending with list / grid, items per row if grid [desktop / phone] (select) and total items to display + tabbed on / off)
    - home page custom html

    Search Page:
    - category featured display box (list / grid, items per row if grid [ desktop / phone ] and total items to display

    Eight Theme Specific:
    - header types
    - footer types
    - color schemes
    The color scheme will change the header backgrounds, the link colors, primary button color, highlighted items background color and footer.
  • Brand new email messages design and revamped emails content
  • All purchase actions (bid, buy out, make offer, add to cart) are handled in pop-ups with ajax support, to ease user interaction with the purchase forms. Logging in on the purchase pop-ups will be seamless, and will properly redirect users to the purchase confirmation form, without page refresh
  • Revamped wish list module, with asynchronous functionality. Listings will be added to the wish list, when clicking on the linked buttons, without page refresh
  • Added action (bid, buy, add to cart) and wish list buttons to listing cards for quicker user interaction
  • Brand new browse page headline generator plugin, which will generate headlines and subtitles based on all the filters selected by a visitors, helping with SEO
  • Improved overall site speed by better handling of software components
  • Fully revamped translations module, which will enable administrators to add new languages from the Admin Control Panel, download the translation files, translate the sentences using a gettext tool, and upload them back. Only gettext files will be used by default, easing the translation process
  • Added relist until sold option to the auto relist module
  • The word filter plugin will match regular expressions and only full words, not parts
  • Fully revamped listings select service, to improve listings selection and display on the website’s pages
  • Fully revamped combine and edit invoices module, with ajax support. Will enable sellers to select which invoices to combine, not forcing all invoices from the same buyer to be combined.
  • Replaced subtitle field with short description field on the listing setup process, for optimized listing setup and display on relevant pages
  • Display username with feedback score on the header when user is logged in
  • Fixed issue with the home page slider being blocked by adblock tools
  • Admin functionality to purge the site and images cache
  • Fixed issue whereby emails sent by the cron were not sent in the website’s default language (if other than English), but always in English
  • Added category specific options for custom fields that accept options (eg. select, radio, checkbox)
  • Removed listing image borders on the listing details pages
  • Modified recently viewed box plugin to only display on the index, browse and details pages
  • Disabled listing related buttons on listing confirmation pages where a listing box is displayed
  • Fixed issue with category links generating different urls depending on the pages they were displayed on.
  • Revamped invoice pages design
  • Fixed issue whereby if clicking on the “Archive” button without any messages being selected resulted in an error
  • Modified sniping feature behavior, which will not come into effect when placing a bid which is under proxy
  • Fixed an issue where message ids on emails could be non-unique
  • Fixed an issue with the localizedNumeric method, which when using the EU number format, itreturned incorrect values on the listing setup process when validating reserve prices for example
  • Fully revamped view helpers to allow better handling of linked view files and automatic loading upon call, rather than manual call when bootstrapping
  • Added selectize composite element for custom fields, which is an enhanced version of the standard checkbox field, recommended if having fields with many options. Compatible with Product Attributes
  • Language selection widget for the admin control panel
  • Added additional open graph image tags for better compatibility for when sharing listings on Facebook
  • Added “Empty Cart” button that will clear the whole cart (from all sellers)
  • Fully revamped message posting module, with an ajax powered posting form which will not refresh the page if there is an error when posting the form
  • When there are no items in home page boxes, a message is displayed rather than leaving the boxes empty
  • After a successful purchase using the Buy Out modal, the user is redirected to the payment page if direct payment is available
  • Updated adverts module to allow the administrator to create adverts that will open on the same browser tab, and not have an automatically generated advert redirect link, but use the link entered when creating the advert. Best used when creating adverts that showcase website listings or CMS pages.
  • Fixed issue with shipping carriers incorrectly calculating the shipping cost if the total weight was greater than a certain value
  • Added functionality to allow custom fields to have aliases, for better usage in searches and when using the bulk lister tool (eg. color instead of custom_field_1)
  • Added option for individual sellers to enable/disable force payment
  • Added functionality that will display the direct payment methods edit form when checking a direct payment method on the listing setup process which did not have the necessary details set
  • Added option for buyers to move their cart items to the wish list
  • Fully revamped cart and checkout pages, with the checkout page now being fully asynchronous, with ajax updates when entering an address, selecting the shipping and payment methods, and entering a voucher.
  • If a direct payment method is selected on the checkout page, the buyer will be forwarded to the hosted payment page upon clicking on the Checkout button
  • Added an option at Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Global Settings whereby the individual seller can specify the time limit for force payment (when admin enabled) rather than having to be reliant on the global time limit set in admin.
  • Fixed an issue with private messages not properly displaying the listing box
  • Updated to bootstrap 4.1 (with rtl support)
  • Removed language block for crawlers on robots.txt, in order for multi-language websites to allow indexing in all supported languages for all pages
  • Added email confirmation to the seller for when a listing is approved by the administrator, if the approval option is enabled
  • Fixed an issue whereby a seller was able to place an offer on his own item
  • Added rel=nofollow to several links, for SEO purposes, like report abuse, sign in, sign up.
  • Fixed issue with the print view was not properly generating the invoice layout on Webkit based browsers.
  • css is fully compatible with IE, with fallbacks for rules that IE doesn’t support
  • Added option to add a favicon from the Admin Control Panel
  • Option for the administrator to disable listing featurings (home page, category pages and highlighted)
  • Added functionality to automatically display the default shipping costs on listing details pages, with an option to calculate other rates, which will open the shipping calculator box
  • Advanced social media plugin, with the footer global icons being generated from links provided in admin.
    Sellers can also be allowed to add their social media links, which will display on various related pages. The admin can choose for which seller types to enable this module
  • Added an option for the admin to disable the rss module.
  • Revamped email listing to friend form and related email
  • Fixed an issue with the store module, whereby if temporarily an active store from the stores management page, when enabling it back it was required to pay for the subscription fee again, even if the subscription did not yet expire.
  • Added email newsletter subscription confirmation option, to help avoid spam subscriptions
  • Added HttpOnly flag for session cookies
  • Plugin which will automatically generate available action buttons on management pages, like relist, close, delete buttons for when managing listings, combine and delete for invoices, etc. The buttons will appear only if the action is available for the selected records.
  • Revamped site fees page design
  • Updated sale email design, with included icons and action buttons
  • Added the listing box partial on emails where listings appear (eg.: email to friend), to better display details – and to lure potential clients, rather than just text
  • Fixed an issue with the sendmail protocol, which was adding the To address twice
  • Added email notifications for buyers when the status of a sale is changed. The seller can choose when to send the email from the update sale status form
  • Added functionality for the admin to edit, combine and change the status of sale invoices, just like the seller
  • Added option in admin to clear cache image files
  • If private site/single seller is enabled allow admin to enable an option for end users to request selling privileges, this option would be in the members area for end users who could request selling privileges to be granted on their account
  • Option for users to add scheduled listings to their wish

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